Lemuel – “So Bush Tea, What Do You Believe?”

So Bush Tea, what do you believe

Good one Lemuel. That is truly a fast riser just short of a length and right on the off stump.

What a Bush Man believes is not worth used toilet paper. So the real question more likely is “what are the DESIGNED specifications for life as we know it?”

For the benefit of our friend (engineer John,) we will take a mathematical problem solving approach.

In a nutshell,

The level of complex, intricate, interconnected and consistent design and layout of ALL of the natural systems that comprise our observable world, points to the existence of some clear and distinct engineering entity -whose intelligence and ingenuity is light years above anything that our best brains have been able to conceive in all history.

Only a fool could conclude otherwise.

Let us refer to this unknown entity as Big Boss Engineers Inc.

As a very minimum, we can assume that BBE must be at least as intelligent and logical as BU’s own genius Micro Mock Engineer (MME) and therefore can be expected to make decisions that are AT LEAST as logical and practical as would MME.

Now let us look at the known facts. We have;

Some 6000 years of known history

A number of clearly ‘special’ documents which claim to represent written messages from BBE

Detailed scientific data of many areas of our existence.

Sociological data on numerous models of civilizations

A clear crisis in almost all areas of life at a time when the opposite should be the case.

Now to the mathematical analysis:

Since BBE exists; is super intelligent and logical; and since we know that our world came into existence at some point in time…

It is reasonable to conclude that:

BBE have a sensible, practical and logical reason for creating project ‘life on earth’

BBE’s logic and science will be consistent with that which we have come to understand in our world that was made by him.

BT believes that there is a supernatural entity (BBE Inc), which we refer to as GOD, consisting of multiple personalities with the common bond of Righteous character.

God exists in what we refer to as a spiritual realm. This simply means that it is a realism beyond the physical limitations that we know on earth, and is therefore unfamiliar to us.

This spiritual realm is not subject to time or space, as we know them, and so has been described in terms like ‘everlasting’ and ‘eternal’ etc.

In order to accomplish a particularly special objective, God took the decision to create the project, (which BT will refer to as ‘life on earth’).

For this project, one of the personalities (the Word) undertook the design and construction of the needed infrastructure and supporting facilities.

This work included:

Creation of the concept of ‘Time’

The creation of the physical elements and their various compounds and biological derivatives.

The creation of a special creature called ‘MAN’, modeled on the image of God himself along with multiple supporting structures and helps for man.

From a very early stage, Man (under the influence of a woman called ‘Eve’ – a distant relative of BU’s Islandgal) messed up the whole initiative, condemning the project to failure.

A plan to salvage the project was conceived, which required the ULTIMATE sacrifice – namely that God would sacrifice the very personality that created everything that physically existed, to humble himself to become a man – the very creature that he himself as God has created.

The Word then became the man called Jesus Christ, and this man Jesus Christ, through his sacrifice, life and triumph, essentially prepared a way- through which others could overcome the condemnation to failure that had been imposed by Adam.

Jesus during his life and teaching on Earth brought a message, which he called ‘The Gospel’ or ‘The good news’. This ‘good news’ is that man is no longer condemned to be limited to the constraints of this temporary physical existence, but now has opened before him the limitless possibilities of the spiritual realm beyond the constraints of time and space.

A careful analysis of the whole process shows that project ‘life on earth’ is in fact a critical phase in the reproductive process of the supernatural spiritual entity that we know as God. It is a process where a very special attribute ‘RIGHTEOUS CHARACTER’ is hatched, molded and refined. Our earth is designed as a melting pot or caldron where all the needed pressures, stresses, ingredients and spices are available in order to facilitate the production of RIGHTEOUS CHARACTER.

In the design of project earth therefore, the ‘Word’ would have needed to make provision for a careful balance of good, evil, right, wrong,war, peace, weakness and strength. From this perspective, it is quite obvious that our world was created PERFECTLY, and that it continues to be perfectly suited for it’s designed role even as we speak.

Here is the REAL scoop Lemuel.

Our physical world, (not just man himself) was modeled on the spiritual, so that the very best lessons of the real spiritual reality are reflected NOT THROUGH THE BIBLE (OR ANY OTHER BOOK), but by the simple things of the world around us – for those who have eyes to see.

Bottom line is that the issue is a purely spiritual one. It is a battle of righteousness against wickedness. The mission is to create that special attribute called righteous character where individuals choose to do that which is ‘right’ as defined by BBE. This is only even possible if a counterbalancing spiritual force representing BBE’s righteousness God’s Holy Spirit) is provided to counterbalance the pervasive force for evil that represents Satan and his hoards.

What BT believes (and the Gospel or “GOOD NEWS” which Jesus preached) is that those who are blessed to receive this counterbalancing spirit of God, and who goes on to develop and refine a character of righteousness, will actually be born into the TRUE REALITY of Being a full spiritual son of God – or junior partner of BBE Inc. …or as Jesus put it, shall inherit the kingdom of God.

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44 years of stability and success explained

The annual debate about the story of Barbados, ‘the little rock that could’ seems to have gained added momentum this year of the forty fourth anniversary. No doubt this is because of the increasingly dire reality of the global economic crisis added to the series of uncharacteristic challenges in the form of flooding, Tomas, and the loss of a loved prime minister, that our country has faced in recent months.

Even in ‘normal’ times, however, the debate about the developmental path that we have taken as a country has been an interesting, challenging and evasive story of stability, success and pride that has been realized very much against all the odds; contrary to established logic; and despite our best efforts to sabotage our success.

Listening to various panels discuss this topic every year at independence time has only served to reinforce the Bush Tea opinion that no one really understands what has happened to us as a country.

Clearly, our results are not a reflection of our outstanding productivity and ingenuity. Indeed one wonders how we could be weaker in these areas.  In most of the normal measures, we have been punching way above our weight classification – but how….?

Well the bushman found the answer today.

The National Independence Service was excellent, moving, inspirational  and timely.

Any country that would take the trouble to organize an annual National Independence Religious Service with all its leaders – from Governor General, Prime Minister, ministers, business leaders, religious leaders, community leaders, youth leaders and youth groups and to ask for God’s guidance, blessings and protection may indeed be on to something.

The Bushman also recalls the current government starting their term of office with a national ecumenical service at Kensington, and that previous administrations have generally sought the guidance and hand of the almighty in national affairs ….hmmmmm!!

It is written that “Except the Lord builds the house, they labour in vain that build it. Except the Lord keep the City, the watchman waketh – but in vain….” Ps 127,1

That verse certainly would explain the total chaos that we are seeing in the many jurisdictions which are known for their natural reserves, high productivity, great creativity and other assets that should guarantee their financial and other success……but hasn’t.

Does it also explain how a little rock could succeed if the rock leaders have generally sought the guidance of the Lord in their building? Does the Lord indeed keep the rock…?

Congratulations to the organizers.

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Another Look at The Subject of Homosexuality


Just back from a short sojourn… I see that you are having another look at the subject of homosexuality. You are also a great marketing genius…What a great BLOG…(LOL)

You must know by now that very few of us really understand this issue, but everyone feels strongly about it,  one way or the other.

Well here is my theory….

Whether we like it or not…there are a number of spiritual laws that are permanent, unfailing and predominant. You already know that one of my favorites is “..a people always get what they deserve”

Many of these laws are paralleled by physical laws…..

Now we all know that if a community lives in a filthy environment we can expect a number of diseases to present themselves in that community (I right GP?). This presents a clear indication to those smart enough to see, that urgent change is needed in the community’s environmental conditions.

…well spiritually, when societies live in unrighteous conditions dominated by dishonesty, immorality, bribery, criminal attitudes and such   we should EXPECT to see manifestations of spiritual diseases.  Homosexuality is a common one of these manifestations. (I pretty sure that my research tutor “Georgie Porgie” can quote chapter and verse..)

It is a clear sign for those with eyes to see, that that community is in grave danger spiritually and in URGENT need of change. Otherwise that society will get exactly what it deserves….

…as to the actual ‘victims’ – it is not their individual fault necessarily…. In the parallel case of the filthy conditions, it is often innocent children and the weak that are initially afflicted… So I am saying that in an unrighteous society ANYONE of us is susceptible to this malady. It is pointless to point fingers at the victims to seek to judge them – there but for the luck of the draw goes you or I, our child, brother or sister.

On the other hand, we can’t allow these ‘victims’ to redefine the rules of our society and impose their sick ways on the rest of us – distracting us from the real issue of spiritual healing. (…bringing truth, justice and honesty back as a way of life in society)

Seen is its true perspective, this is not a very complex issue after all – just a clear sign that urgent change is needed is society….and pity the unfortunate victims.

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One is forced to wonder about the process through which Government ministers have been selected by the last Barbados government.

Just when it seems that they have struck rock bottom in coming up with ill-conceived, expensive, wasteful capital projects – mostly in cohort with known international crooks, we hear that their solution to the QEH problem is to build a new $700 million hospital. …and who advised them that this is a sensible solution?

It seems that an English consulting firm of ‘experts’ assessed the situation, and came up with this brilliant solution.

Do these people think that we are all fools?

In the first place, I an sure that I saw an article recently in the newspapers where a BARBADIAN engineer, working in BARBADOS won a united nations award for outstanding work in structural engineering with special mention of his work in HOSPITAL DESIGN.  We all know Tony Gibbs and his firm CEP, why were they not used to do at least a preliminary assessment? Are they to difficult to bribe? Do they know Barbados too well? Or do their local base and knowledge make it difficult to instruct them what the minister wants them to say?

In the second place, who in this country has enough confidence when these ministers quote figures like this? $700 million could easily end up at $2 billion without any kind of explanation (except from Mallet with teeth but no common sense)

Only a complete fool would accept that it could be cheaper to build a brand new hospital than to bring the QEH up to scratch. Obviously that place’s first need is a competent management structure  – beginning with at least a minister who has some degree of respect from the public and from the professionals at the QEH, and a management team that understands the complexities of modern management.

How will a new building solve problems of poor management and bad relations between staff management and Board?

This Cabinet has to be real brazen to come up with yet another multi-million dollar scam on the heels of the Oil Terminal, Greenland, the Prison, and Flyover etc, where we have not had a single answer to basic issues that call into question fundamental issues of bribery, graft and integrity. We see that they have placed the same idiots who destroyed the old prison to mash up the new one and so have not addressed the fundamental problem. Is the plan for the new Hospital?

Solve the management problem first, and let the new competent management team decide on a sensible future for the institution – even if it does mean building a new complex.

It is easy to see why Mr. Arthur found himself barely able to feed his family before his ascent to power. If this is how he ran his personal business no wonder he was broke… ….and if we continues like this we can expect this country to find itself in that same condition sooner than later.

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One would need to be a complete idiot in this day and age and particularly, this country – to believe that ANY form of price control could do anything but provide short term false hopes and serve to convince those who want straws to hold on to, that ‘something was being done’…

I, for one, have given up any hope that wise decisions will be taken to deal with this situation. There are too many cases where it seems that the idiotic route has been the position of choice for our governments.

The ONLY avenue through which FAIR (not necessarily low) prices will be arrived for Bajans is with the existence of COMPETING entities, which have no vested interest in COLLUDING with the existing oligarchy.

Only the CREDIT UNION MOVEMENT currently meets all the conditions to fill that role – or they did until the same government rushed a stupid bit of legislation through parliament last week (aided by the blind mice who currently sit on top of the Credit Union movement -retarding its potential)

If you were a pessimist like me, you would wonder if the big boys who brag about giving instructions to our government did not (like I do) identify this threat to their power and issue appropriate instructions…!?

Fortunately for our politicians, Bajans are so ‘smart’ that through all this, our main concerns are that Rhianna should dress like a church girl so that they could feel good about her international success.

No wonder we have Greenland, the Hilton-Veco Prison,  Operation free flow of funds and dozens of other examples of wasted resources..

.. a fool and his money are soon parted..

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The Church…?

So what is new?

Tell me of ANY area where the ‘church’ has NOT failed.

The ‘church’ do not even know what it stands for; what its mission is; what its role in this world is; or even WHO its God is.

What church what?!?

The ‘church’ is just another lodge, and from that perspective it probably serves its purpose.


You may be interested to know however, that the real CHURCH is outstandingly successful, effective and working EXACTLY as DESIGNED.

Picture a group of Americans trying to play a game of cricket. Supplied with all the gear, and equipment and the rules – what do you think the chances are that they will play a successful test match?

They will come up with all types of alternative fun games of course – but for cricket, they will need a knowledgeable COACH who UNDERSTANDS what the mission, rules, objective etc are.

You see if the cricket rules are not just as impossible to comprehend as the bible…

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Price Gouging? ..or fools parted from their money?

Any set of people, many with “university degrees” who allow themselves to be gouged in the various ways that we all know about, by a select group of merchants – many of whom did NOT even bother about getting degrees – probably deserve to be ripped off..


There are inescapable laws of nature such as

…a fool and his money are soon parted.

…where there is no VISION, the people suffer



There is such an obvious answer to this problem that it is beyond me how we could be complaining about being ripped off by these merchants in 2007.

No wonder these people get together every weekend at Cattlewash to plan new schemes, fete, and laugh at the rest of us patsies.


Any intelligent person would KNOW that price controls WILL NOT WORK

Setting minimum wages is just like spitting in the air.

The solution is for THE PEOPLE of this country to establish their OWN competing supply systems.


The Government cannot do it

– our idea of ‘government’ is to elect a set of otherwise unemployable idiots and allow them to tax us and play games with our money like monopoly.

Adrian L was talking about GEMS losses…. how about Harrison Cave? Who in their right mind would spend 30 million dollars to ‘develop’ a cave when the likely payback period on the investment is probably measured in centuries?

Same with George Washington House at Garrison – millions of dollars spent, and probably 6 – 8 visitors on a good day…. then there are the ‘biggies like Prison, flyovers, greenland etc etc etc etc

So FORGET about the government solving the price gouging problem.

Where then is the solution?


Can you imagine that this other set of idiots now have assets in excess of 1 billion dollars – and have ZERO impact on ANYTHING in Barbados?

I don’t even know who is in charge of it.

For the last 40 years ordinary Bajans trusted this ‘movement’ with their money, hoping for some empowerment in return….. so far NOTHING.

The Credit Union is the ideal body to establish an efficient, transparent and meaningful structure to retail food and other essentials in Barbados.

…to support their members -small businesses, agriculture, and retail ‘shops’ etc as was the Bajan norm….did they step in when the BS&Ts et al were destroying the village shops?

What happened to the Agro-processing plans that were discussed in the early 1990’s?

What was their bid for BS&T?

Where do they have a supermarket?

How does their Insurance Company make any difference to Barbadians insurance choices?

Apart from supporting the same businessmen by providing funds for consumer goods and to buy land at deliberately inflated prices there is no vision for empowerment, no leadership in any area of significance.

Are they happy to sit down and count how much ‘savings’ they accumulate?

To whom much is given – much is expected.

Time for this movement to WAKE UP and make a difference.

On another matter, for them to sit back quietly and allow Government to bring them under the same dispensation as other banks without even a whimper, is a huge disgrace to the co-operative concept… but that is another matter again.

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